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Wraparound Care

At St Philip's we offer our own in school wraparound provision from 7.30am and until 6pm. All the details about Acorn Club can be found below with the link to the booking form.


 Who do I contact to register my child at the school’s wraparound provision?

Wraparound Care Registration and Booking Form



Admissions Policy

Fees and Payment Policy

Missing Child Policy

Uncollected Child Policy


Frequently Asked Questions 

What are our aims?

  • To provide a safe, secure and relaxed environment
  • To offer a range of activities to reflect the interests of the children in our care
  • To encourage children to be healthy
  • To ensure good communication with parents and school staff

 What is our ethos & approach?

  • We will provide clubs that uphold the school’s Safe, Caring and Positive values.
  • We will offer a fun, enriching, play based setting where children form positive relationships with adults and their peers. Breakfast Club may focus on quieter activities in preparation for a busy school day. The After School Club to provide a range of engaging, interactive activities to meet the needs of all the children in their care.

 What is the school offering?

  • Our aim is for two separate rooms: one for Pre-School and Reception children, and one for Years 1-6
  • Both breakfast and after school sessions are play based, so children are free to choose activities and resources as they wish. There will always be a varied selection available including card games, craft, board games, chess, draughts, dominoes, construction, computer games, physical play (individual and team games) and time for relaxing with friends or reading
  • EYFS play opportunities will be available in the younger room eg small world play, imaginative play, sensory play, puzzles etc.

 Why are we running two separate rooms?

  • To ensure that our 3 – 5 year old children have a safe, secure and age appropriate play-based provision, which is supervised with the appropriate ratios.
  • Following advice from the Local Authority, this meets the needs of the younger children and supports their development through play
  • We will be using an (the) age-appropriate room in the EYFS unit (area), near to appropriate toilet facilities (for our younger children) and access to the outdoor area there too.

 Who will be staffing the provision?

  • We are currently advertising for a Play Leader to oversee our two rooms, plus four play workers between the two rooms.
  • We have made arrangements for Nicola Wickett, who has experience of running wraparound care provision, to set up the service over the summer and oversee it if we are unable to appoint immediately. She has been a member of staff for three years and is known by many children and their families
  • The staff, who will be employed by the school, will be all DBS checked and a minimum of 2 staff will always be present.

 What hours will the wraparound care provision be operating?

  • Both rooms will be open from 7.30am for breakfast club.
  • Both rooms will run until 6pm for after school club.

 What are the arrangements for arrivals and departures?

  • For breakfast club, you can drop off from 7.30am. We ask that children are dropped off at least 15 minutes before the start of the school day in order to provide breakfast for your child if this is required. We cannot guarantee food will be provided after this time.
  • At the end of the school day wraparound staff will collect children from Pre-School Reception, Year 1 & 2, and escort them to the Afterschool Clubs.
  • Children from other year groups will be asked to assemble in the courtyard after they have been dismissed by their class teacher. Each class teacher will be notified which children are expected in after school club.
  • In order to safeguard the children we ask that children check in with the wraparound care staff first even if they are attending choir or sports club so that it is clear which adults are responsible for the children at different points in the after school sessions.
  • A register will be taken when children arrive in our care and parents/carers must sign their child/children out each day when collecting them
  • Collection will be from the specific rooms and we request that you come in so staff can see who is coming to collect the child.
  • We expect that your child will normally be collected by the people you have named on the registration form. If you need a different person to collect your child on a particular day, you must notify us in advance. We will not release your child into the care of a person unknown to us without your authorisation.
  • The provision finishes at 18:00, if you are delayed for any reason please telephone the Club on our mobile – 07754 173398 
  • Will there be a charge for a late collection?
  • A late payment fee of £5 plus an additional £1 per minute will be charged if you collect your child after the Club has closed at 6pm.
  • If a child has not been collected after 15 minutes, emergency contacts will be called.
  • We will follow our late/non-collection policy, referring to social care if appropriate

 What are the fees?

  • £5 for breakfast club (including food)
  • £13 for the whole afternoon including snack & tea
  • Part afternoon periods at equivalent to £4.80/hr + tea cost where applicable. 
  • 3:15 to 4:30pm would be £5.00
  • 4:30 – 6:00pm £8 (including food)
  • Will there be a discount for siblings?
  • 10% discount for siblings to be adjusted to the 2nd, 3rd child etc.
  • Is there a registration fee?
  • We will request a £10 registration fee to be paid when you send in your registration form.
  • How will I be expected to pay the fees?
  • Once you have registered your child for the preferred sessions, you will be sent an invoice for payment
  • Fees for all sessions are payable in advance by bank transfer, cash or childcare vouchers. The price per session per child applies to all children. This is payable for all booked sessions including when your child is sick, or on holiday (regardless of the amount of notice given).
  • We do not charge for Bank Holidays as the wraparound care is not open then.
  • Please ensure that fees are paid promptly.
  • Non-payment for more than one month may result in your place being terminated.

 Will I be allowed to get into debt?

  • If you are having difficulty paying the fees, please contact us as soon as you can. We will try to support you.

 Can I change the days I need wraparound care if my circumstances change?

  • You must give us one month’s notice of termination or of changes in attendance. If you need to change the days that your child attends, please email wraparound@stphilips.cambs.sch.uk detailing your request. We will try to accommodate such changes wherever possible.
  • What about temporary changes?
  • If you need to add any extra sessions, we will try to accommodate this and invoice you at the end of the month
  • Please remember that we need to know if your child will not be attending the Club for any reason. Ensure the school is informed of absence in the usual way and notify the wraparound care team if your child will not be attending after school care that has previously been booked either via email to wraparound@stphilips.cambs.sch.uk, or by calling the allocated mobile number.
  • If your child doesn’t attend a booked session, we will have to treat them as a ‘missing child’ unless you have notified us of their absence. If you know in advance of any days when your child will not be attending during the following week, please try to let the Leader know by THURSDAY at the latest as this will enable us to offer places on an ad hoc basis.
  • In cases of illness or emergency when notice cannot be given, please call the wraparound mobile number or email wraparound@stphilips.cambs.sch.uk as soon as you can.

 Will the clubs run on INSET days and school holidays?

  • The clubs will be open on school INSET days (although not 1 September)
  • We will be looking at the requirement for holidays, and make the decision according to need later in the Autumn term.

 What types of food with be available before and after school?

  • The food we provide at the Afterschool Clubs session is not intended as a substitute for a main evening meal. We will provide healthy snacks including fresh fruit and vegetables, sandwiches/wraps or other bakery items i.e. fruit loaf. We use fresh ingredients and follow statutory guidelines including that of the School Food Standard (2015).
  • Food offered during Breakfast Club will always include a selection of cereals, toast and fresh fruit and water, semi-skimmed milk or a small cup of fruit juice to drink. We are investigating the possibility of a hot breakfast during the winter months.
  • Fresh drinking water is available at all times.
  • We meet individual dietary requirements and parental preferences wherever possible.
  • We recognise the importance of healthy nutrition for children delivered in a calm, friendly setting.

 What about Ofsted? Will the provision be inspected?

  • St Philip’s Wraparound Care is registered with Ofsted as part of the school registration
  • The provision will be inspected at the same time as our school inspection

 What safeguarding procedures will be in place?

  • We are committed to building a ‘culture of safety’ in which the children in our care are protected from abuse and harm. Any suspicion of abuse is promptly and appropriately responded to. We comply with local and national child protection procedures and ensure that all staff are appropriately trained. The Safeguarding Policy will be the same as the school’s safeguarding policy.
  • All staff will be suitably trained in safeguarding procedures, and be included in the school’s annual training. There will always be a Designated Safeguarding Person on the school site while the clubs are running.

 Who will be first aid trained and who will administer medication if necessary?

  • Every precaution is taken to ensure the safety of the children at all times, and the Club is fully insured. Our staff will be trained in first aid and a first aid kit is kept on the premises. If your child has an accident whilst in our care, you will be informed when you collect your child.
  • Please let the Leader know if your child is taking prescribed medicine. If your child needs to take medicine whilst at the Club you will need to complete a Permission to administer medication form in advance available from the main school office.

 If my child has special needs, can they still attend the clubs?

  • We make every effort to accommodate and welcome any child with Special Needs. We will work in liaison with parents or carers and relevant professionals to fully understand your child’s specific requirements. We will endeavour to accommodate all children of all abilities, whilst working within the Club’s limitations. Each case will be considered individually and risk-assessed to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Our clubs provide(s) a safe and caring environment, free from discrimination, for everyone in our community including children with additional needs.
  • We respect the different racial origins, religions, cultures and languages in a multi-ethnic society so that each child is valued as an individual without racial or gender stereotyping.
  • We will challenge inappropriate attitudes and practices.
  • We will not tolerate any form of racial harassment.


We also work with other providers and child minders in the area, one of which is TJKids. For further information of their offer, please contact tjkidscic14@gmail.com or 07944 230297