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St Philips Primary

Staff List



Sally Allan


Clare Hetherington

Deputy Headteacher 

Quality of Learning & CPD

Janet Haswell

Assistant Headteacher: SENCO & Inclusion

Pupil Premium, Looked After Children & Attendance 

Lucy Davis (Maternity Leave Jan 2021)

Assistant Headteacher


Beth Flett 

Seconded to Leadership Team  (Jan 2021)

Isla Lunan

Business Manager



Rebecca Baechler

EYFS Phase Leader

Reception: Amber class teacher

Debbie Shaw

Pre-School: Ruby class teacher (Monday-Thursday)

Caroline Hunt

Pre-School: Ruby class teacher (Friday) 

Julie Little

Pre-School: Nursery Nurse

Isabelle Martin

Pre-School: Teaching Assistant 

Ben Thorp

Early Years Teaching Assistant 

Katy Chivers

Early Years Teaching Assistant 



Francesca Moody

Year 1: Opal class teacher

Katy Parkinson

Year 1/2: Jade class teacher

Year 1/2 Phase Leader

English Lead

Amber Sondhi

Year 2 : Topaz class teacher

Art Leader

Becca Human

KS1 Teaching Assistant

Karen Bowman

KS1 Teaching Assistant

Sarah Christou

KS1 Teaching Assistant

Amy Gleeson

KS1 Teaching Assistant 



Eunice Agbo

Year 3: Emerald class teacher

EAL Lead

Gemma Henderson

 Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader

Year 3/4: Sapphire class teacher

Houses Leader

 Rachel Davidson

 Year 4: Garnet class teacher

Science Lead

Computing Lead

Erika Szabo

LKS2 Teaching Assistant

Dawn Harvey

LKS2 Teaching Assistant

Sasha Emsley Pearce

LKS2 Teaching Assistant

Natalie Napier

LKS2 Teaching Assistant 



 Naomi Bennett

Year 5: Onyx class teacher

History and Geography Lead

Bethany Woolfenden

Year 5/6: Turquoise class teacher

Annie Rhodes

Year 6 Amethyst class teacher (Mon-Wed)

Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader

Maths Leader

Assessment Leader

Beth Flett

Year 6 Amethyst class teacher (Thurs-Fri)

RE & CoWo Lead


Equality and Diversity

British Values

Niamh Fidgett

UKS2 Teaching Assistant

Bethany Fisher

UKS2 Teaching Assistant

Clare Portch

UKS2 Teaching Assistant



Nicky Wickett 

Higher Level Teaching Assistant 

Wraparound Care Provision 

Staff Governor



Nat Day

Office Manager /  Headteacher's PA

Julie Kaikati

Pupil Data Officer and Medical Needs

Xanthe Barker

School Office Administrator (part time)

Pre-School Administrator 



Sandy Newstead

Lead Midday Assistant

Samantha Finlay

Midday Assistant

Jacky Rosenfeld

Midday Assistant

Sue Roberts

Midday Assistant

Abeda Juhi

Midday Assistant

Zoe Jenkinson

Midday Assistant



Louise Ellott 

Site Officer



Emily Harriss

Chair of PTA

Jo Woods

Vice chair of PTA