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St Philips Primary


At St Philip’s, children in Key Stage 2 are given the valuable opportunity to learn French as a modern foreign language. The study of Languages prepares pupils to participate in a rapidly changing world in which work and other activities are increasingly carried out in languages other than English. Through learning a different language the children are able to experience a new culture. Language is an important part of everyday life and by learning a new language it provides the children with increased communication opportunities.

At St Philip’s we provide our Key Stage 2 children with the initial building blocks of French, allowing the children to continue that passion as they become young adults and move into the next phase of their education.  We use the French resource Salut!, published by CGP, which allows the children to learn French in an engaging and interactive way. French lessons are planned and delivered by a specialist teaching assistant who spent a number of years living in France and is supported by a parent who also has an extensive understanding of the French language.

The children are taught French through Salut! using a variety of interactive games, stories and songs, which supports teaching alongside other immersive opportunities such taking part in a French café. The programme allows the children to develop their knowledge and skills in a progressive manner moving from year 3 through to year 6.