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St Philips Primary

Think, thank, thrive Day

Use the activity card below to help you choose which activities you would like to complete today during our second Think, Thank, Thrive day. Our theme for Thursday 4th March is reading for pleasure as it is World Book Day. Zoom links for Miss Ostler's session have been sent out to you separately.

Don't forget to send any pictures that you want to share with your school adults to us via your online platforms. Once the day has finished, we will add a gallery of some of our favourite pieces from the day on this page for everyone to see. 

Watch Mrs Allan's launch video:

 Watch Mrs Parkinson reading Stuck:

Watch Mrs Parkinson reading Stuck and then reflect on a lesson you have learnt from a book you have read. 

Watch Miss Moody's vegetable decoration video:

Watch Miss Moody to guide you through the book character vegetable decoration activity. We can't wait to see what you produce.

 Watch Mrs Henderson's poetry recital video:

 Watch Mrs Henderson's poetry recital video and then either choose a poem to learn to recite or learn the poem which Mrs Henderson has suggested for your year group. All of the poems are linked below. 

 How to perform a poem with Joseph Coehlo

Poems to recite

EYFS and KS1 - The Sound Collector

Year 3 and 4 - Strict

 Year 5 and 6 - The Jabberwocky



Watch Mrs Shaw's art video:

Watch Mrs Shaw's art video to find out how to create your own puppet show using items from around your home.

Watch Revernd Hughes' video about his favourite book:

Watch Reverend Hughes' video where he tells you about his favourite book. Can you think about what your favourite book is? Why do you enjoy this book so much?

Investigate the World Book Day website:

Here is the link to the World Book Day website. Explore and investigate the different activities you can find on here. You might like to attend the live event at 10.30am.


Play the St Philip's masked reader game:

Look at the pictures of some of the adults within school hidden behind a book. Can you guess who is hidden behind each book? 


Collective Worship with Mrs Flett:

Take a moment to reflect on the theme of books with Mrs Flett's Collective Worship.