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St Philips Primary

School Vision

At St Philip’s we support and challenge our children within a welcoming and caring Christian environment.

Each member of the school’s community is valued and respected.

Children are encouraged to be independent, inquisitive learners, and to have high aspirations to be the best that they can be. Through building resilience and confidence, our pupils will grow into positive role models for future generations of this community and beyond.

Our Aims:

At St Philip’s, all children will:

  1. Be respectful of themselves, others and their environment
  2. Feel safe, loved and valued
  3. Be caring and compassionate for all
  4. Show positivity, endurance and develop resilience to overcome barriers
  5. Treasure their learning journey and experiences at St Philip’s

St Philip’s CE (A) Primary School seeks to create an inclusive and caring learning environment underpinned by our core values. Behaviour for learning is supported particularly by our values of trust, wisdom, compassion, forgiveness and justice. The school community as a whole has a role to play in promoting positive behaviour.

Our aim is to teach pupils to act in a caring, positive and safe manner in accordance with our values of trust, wisdom,
compassion, forgiveness and justice.

Children are encouraged to be safe, caring and positive at all times.

Our school values are ‘Safe, Caring and Positive’. We concentrate on one Christian value a half term linked to these.

These are also linked to a Learning Hero:

Safe (squirrel):
Wisdom & Community – Resourcefulness

Caring (cat):
Kindness & Forgiveness – Relationships

Positive (parrot):
Endurance & Hope – Resilience

The fourth Learning Hero is Reflectiveness as all that we do is centred around reflection, so it links all of the values together.