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Praise - Wednesday singing

Dear all St Philip's students and parents, 

 Wednesday Collective Worships are one of my favourite time of the week, being able to gather everyone and sing together really demonstrates how much of a community we are. Just because we are no longer in school every day it doesn't mean we still can't sing and celebrate the message in these songs. Below are the YouTube links to many of the songs we have sung since September, some of them are from Young Voices, some are popular music and some are, what I like to call, St Philip's classics. It doesn't matter where or when you sing, it could be as a family sitting down and having a musical session together, it could be in the bath, it could even be serenading mum, dad or whoever is making dinner! What matters is that you do continue to sing - I always feel rejuvenated after a couple of songs and if you're having a bit of a flumpy day, get up and dance around to your favourite Wednesday song. 

 We would love to see you singing with your families so, if you would like to, send us a video or two of you all performing a song of your choice to the office@ email. 

 A few helpful tips to get you started:

  •  Put away any distractions - phones and tvs won't help you to focus on the song. 
  • Warm up that body - shrug your shoulders and relax them, take some deep breaths (try to breath all the air out in 8 counts) and have a jiggle.
  • Warm up that voice - choose a sound (shhh, zzzz, mmm) and start that noise very quietly, then get louder and louder until you run out of breath. 
  • If you have a piano or another instrument - choose a note and hum that note starting quietly, then get louder and quieter again. 
  • If you are standing, remember the perfect signing position - feet are flat on the floor and spread shoulder width apart, relaxed shoulders and face will create a beautiful sound. 


I hope you all enjoy these songs as much as I do and I hope it's not too long before we're all back together singing on a Wednesday afternoon, 

 Mrs. Corrie 


My Lighthouse:


Creator God:


Count On Me:




Shiny Happy People:


Land of the Silver Birch (can you teach this to your family and sing it as a round?):


This is Amazing Grace:


Singing Together:


This is Why We Sing:


Jambo Bwana: