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St Philips Primary

Physical Education

Enhancing our PE and physical activity curriculum.

The PE lessons taught aim to engage and inspire all pupils. Pupils receive at least 2 hours of scheduled PE curriculum time per week and over the year will participate in dance, gymnastics, outdoor games, athletics and swimming lessons, supported by the Real PE Scheme of work for Physical Education.

 As part of the funding criteria we are required to publish details of how we plan to spend the monies and a review of the impact on pupil outcomes.

Sports Impact Statement 2018-19


This year we have continued to use REAL PE to teach Games. It is a fun and exciting way for the children to take part in PE lessons, it also makes the planning much easier for teachers as all of the resources are provided. We just simply choose the area we want to teach for each term. The different areas are as followed:

  • Creative
  • Cognitive
  • Health and fitness
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Personal

These areas can be taught over each half term, we have resources and an internet resource that can be used during the lesson too.

 Dance and Gymnastics are taught using a mixture of Cambridgeshire Local Authority PE Planning and the experience of our PPA teacher and Dance specialist and class teachers. Both plan from the National Curriculum and use a Knowledge and skills grid to support planning. 

 PE Knowledge and Skills