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St Philips Primary

Think, thank, thrive Day

Use the activity card below to help you choose which activities you would like to complete today during our second Think, Thank, Thrive day. Our theme for Monday 8th February is history and science. Zoom links for Miss Ostler's session have been sent out to you separately.

Don't forget to send any pictures that you want to share with your school adults to us via your online platforms. Once the day has finished, we will add a gallery of some of our favourite pieces from the day on this page for everyone to see.

 Mrs Allan - Launch video

Mrs Bennett - The history of St Philip's school 

Go on a tour down Mill Road with Mrs Bennett. In this video Mrs Bennett teaches you all about the history of our school. You could go on a walk down Mill Road with an adult to spot some of the sites from the video. 

Dr Falk - Meet a historian

Meet Dr Falk, one of our school governors who is a professional historian. Listen carefully as he explains what it is like to be a historian and what skills you will need.

Mrs Parkinson - How has St Philip's changed over time?

Listen to Mrs Parkinson reading 'The Bridge' by Meredith Hooper or read the PDF version of the text linked below. Use this to inspire you to create a history of St Philip's school. You could do this using pictures, writing or a mixture of both. 

The Bridge - Meredith Hooper PDF

Ms Davidson - Build your own time capsule

Watch Ms Davidson's video about time capsules. Can you create your own time capsule to explain to someone in the future what your life is like now? 

Making a time capsule - guide

Mrs Shaw - STEM challenge

Watch Mrs Shaw's video below to see how you could create your own model of St Philip's school as your STEM challenge for today. 

Ms Davidson - Meet a scientist 

Watch Mrs Davidson's interview with a scientist and see how you could become a scientist today with one or more of the science experiments which you could complete with items in your home. 

At home science experiments guide

Mrs Flett - PSHE growth mindset activity

Listen to Mrs Flett read 'The most magnificent thing' or read the PDF copy below. Choose one of the growth mindset activities to complete which Mrs Flett explains in the video. 

The most magnificent thing - Ashley Spires PDF

Reverend Taylor - Collective worship 

Take a moment to reflect with Reverend Taylor on his rainy walk in Cambridge.