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Dear parents and carers of St Philip’s, 


Over the past several months, the PTA has a been testing a new web-based class list system which helps parents and carers connect with each other. We have been very impressed with the usability and security of this system, which is already operating successfully in many other schools across the UK, and would now like to invite the whole school to join in.


Classlist.com is a private and secure website for parents and school PTAs. As well as providing mobile-friendly class lists and contact details for your year group, it will allow you to send group or one-to-one messages, create class events and Key Stage group events, invites to private birthday parties, track RSVP’s, create discussion groups, ask questions of other parents and more. The PTA will also be using Classlist for communications about events, fundraising and volunteering. You can share as much as or as little contact information with other parents/carers as you like, and can even keep your own email address private whilst still receiving messages.


The Classlist site is fully Data Protection Registered and the school does not upload any information into the site -  all information is inputted by parents’ themselves. All parents who use Classlist should comply with the Classlist Community Guidelines (https://classlist.com/guidelines.html), which include being respectful of fellow parents and not using the website to complain about the school or individuals connected with the school.


We believe that this initiative can help us build an even stronger school community at St Philip’s and would encourage you to be a part of it.  So if you like the sound of this, please take a few minutes now to register by going to 



For your protection, your account will be verified – but once this has been done, you can log in and start using the site. You’ll be amazed at how much time and effort this will save all of us. They even have a Classlist App for your phone!