St Philip's C of E Aided Primary School

Achieving Together

2 Vinery Way, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 3DR

01223 508 707

Values + Ethos

At St Philip’s we strive for the highest of standards in all we do. We aim to help children develop as honest, caring and thoughtful people, able to work and play sensitively with others, confident in their own abilities and with respect for authority. Children should grow up in a strong moral framework, understanding right and wrong and able to act appropriately as a result. At school we help them develop this understanding and have the confidence to make decisions for themselves.

We encourage children to have a clear sense of themselves as members of an ever-widening set of communities — family, school, town, country, the world — and develop a responsible attitude to their own lifestyle. We help children to develop respect for the range of cultures that they will meet in a multi-racial society, and recognise the limitations of gender stereotypes.

Each child is encouraged to achieve his/her full potential, both intellectually and physically. We want our children to approach learning with excitement, curiosity, perseverance and high personal standards. To encourage this we develop links between different areas of the curriculum and encourage children to learn in a creative way.

“The school is lovely. It’s very friendly”

Good relationships between children and the adults who work in the school are fundamental to creating a happy, successful school. We base our relationships on mutual respect, trust, honesty and good humour. We listen carefully to the concerns of children, and expect them to follow basic guidelines to ensure a happy community in the school. Rules in the school are explained carefully, so that children understand why we have them and each class negotiates its own class rules at the start of the year.

We value the partnership between the school and parents in the education of our children. We aim to build a relationship of mutual trust, openness and honesty with parents. Staff are always available if parents have matters which they wish to discuss and we welcome parents into the school as helpers, both on a regular basis and for one off activities such as school outings.

We also seek to involve the wider community in the life of the school, and to keep the community informed of our activities and achievements.

 School Brochure