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8th November 2016

Dear Parents/Carers

You may recall that the Chair of Governors, Emma Turner, wrote to you on 11th October explaining that, given the specific challenges the school is facing, the Governing Body did not feel it had enough relevant experience and knowledge or the capacity to provide the support the school needed.  The Governing Body, therefore, requested that the Local Authority to put together an Interim Executive Board (IEB).

The purpose of this letter is to introduce the IEB to you but, before I do that, I want to thank the Chair and all of the Governors for their hard work during their time in office and the commitment they have shown to the school. They have given up a great deal of their own time voluntarily to work in support of the school, in some cases over several years.

An IEB takes on all the functions and responsibilities that the Governing Body had, always keeping a clear focus on rapid school improvement and dealing with the issues that lead to the IEB being formed. An IEB, as the name suggests, is only ever intended as an interim or temporary measure.  Most IEBs are in place for less than a year after which the school is returned to the responsibility of a Governing Body. 

There are five people on the IEB for St Philip’s CofE VA School. My name is Penny Conway; I have been asked to chair this IEB. I am a National Leader of Governance and have been involved with school governance for nearly 20 years serving on several Governing Bodies and IEBs.  I am currently the Chair at Little Paxton Primary School (which is the local village school that my own four children attended) and I am also a member of the Temporary Governing Body for the Pathfinder CofE VA School (the new primary school in the new town of Northstowe which will open in September 2017).  I am not, and never have been, employed either by the Local Authority or the Diocese of Ely. I have accepted the role of Chair of the IEB on an unpaid, voluntary basis; my only motivation is, like all school governors, to do my best to ensure that the children at this school receive the good education to which they are entitled in the safe environment we would all expect.

Joining me on the IEB are Marion Barrett, Guy Dickens, Craig Duncan and Judith Skelton.

Marion has 44 years experience in education having taught in several primary schools in Cambridgeshire including as a Deputy Headteacher and a Headteacher. She has been a Primary Strategy Consultant Leader and has worked as a Local Authority Inspector and Adviser since 2005. Marion is now working as an Associate Adviser for Cambridgeshire’s Schools Intervention Service.

Before retiring, Guy was the Head of Standards and Effectiveness for Cambridgeshire County Council, leading on intervention and was formerly an English inspector in Cambridgeshire; he also has past experience as an Ofsted inspector, conducting over 50 inspections. He has extensive teaching and leadership experience in challenging schools in London and has supported several IEBs, often as the lead LA officer.

Craig has been a teacher for nearly 25 years and for the last 12 years has been Headteacher in two successful primary schools in Essex. His most recent headship was a new-build school in Colchester, to serve a rapidly growing housing development.  Whilst in headship, Craig has served on a number of boards, including charitable trusts, to help to meet the needs of pupils in the locality.  More recently, he has worked for Essex Local Authority as a school improvement adviser.

Judith is the Diocesan Representative on the IEB. She has worked as a teacher for 40 years, with 28 of those as a Headteacher. She has worked in large inner-city schools, town schools and small rural schools in East London, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.  She has an MSc in Education Management, has been a Local Leader of Education and a mentor to those new to headship.  Judith has worked for the Diocese of Ely/DEMAT for three years in various roles including as an Ely Diocese Regional Adviser.

The IEB will, in addition, be supported and advised by Officers from the Local Authority and the Diocese. We will meet at least once a month and the Headteacher will be invited to our meetings.  We aim to ensure, as quickly as possible, that the school is compliant with all statutory requirements as well as implementing best practice in all areas.  We look to see consistently good teaching across the school to ensure that all children continue to make good progress in their learning.

Our first meeting is scheduled for Friday 11th November.  Minutes of our meetings will be available on the school website as soon as is practicable.

As I mentioned earlier, the IEB has all the responsibilities that any Governing Body has including listening and responding to parents’ and carers’ comments, compliments and concerns. If you wish to contact us you can do so through the school office.

Yours sincerely,

Penny Conway

Chair of the IEB for St Philip’s CofE VA School