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Welcome to Year 5 and 6

We are made up of three classes:

Year 5 taught by Mrs Corrie - Onyx Class
Year 5/6 is taught by Ms Nicholas - Turquoise Class
Year 6 taught by  Miss Munroe - Amethyst Class

Summer Term 2018...

Onyx Class Charter

Turquoise Class Charter

Amethyst Class Charter

The Curriculum

Last week we launched our topic for the term which is the Victorians. We will be studying the events during this time including; Queen Victoria’s reign; comparing the lives of rich and poor; what it was like to be a child during this time; how our local area has changed and more. We will be going on a local area walk to learn about how things might have looked in Romsey during the Victorian times. 

During our English lessons we are focusing on the text Oliver Twist. We have started reading and watching the film already and are in the middle of writing a character description of Fagin. We will be moving onto a retelling of a section of the story next. The first half term in Maths we are building on our knowledge of place value in numbers with up to 7 digits. The next topic will be looking at mental and written methods of addition and subtraction.

In Computing we will be learning how to program games using a tool called ‘Scratch’. We will also learn to use the internet safely so we can use it to research sources of information about the Victorians.  Our first Science topic is ‘Light’. We will conduct experiments and learn about the way light travels; how shadows are made and change and how our eyes see things. In PHSE sessions we will focus on the unit called ‘Beginning and Belonging’ which is appropriate as our children start another year, and for our year six children who are in their last year of primary. RE this term will the unit called Beliefs and actions in the world.



At the moment, we will only be sending home spellings from their spelling group teacher. We would also like the children to continue to read as much as possible at home.

Please aim for three times a week as a minimum. We have brand new reading records which contain activities and questions to think about or discuss with your child. The children will each have a bookmark, kept in their classroom, where they collect a sticker for reading three times in a week. Once this is full your child will receive a special reading pencil prize!

In addition to these prizes, each half term a ‘Star Reader’ is chosen by the class teachers. This is celebrated with a prize of a brand new book to keep and a ‘Star Reader Tea’. All classes will visit the library every Friday where they can borrow and return books.


PE days

All the children will be learning how to play tag rugby for this half term. They will also be starting an exciting new dance topic based on ‘Stomp!’ which links music with dance.

Amethyst: Tuesdays and Fridays

Turquoise and Onyx: Tuesdays and Thursdays



PE Kits and Clothing

Please ensure these items are clearly named so that if clothing gets lost and found it can easily be given back to whomever it belongs to. This includes PE kits.  A reminder to bring a warmer kit for winter and that earrings need to be taken out.