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Our Curriculum

At St Philip’s we ensure that we plan from the statutory National Curriculum, providing our children with a broad and balanced curriculum, where they learn a range of subjects.  As our school has both single and mixed age classes, teachers plan in teams called ‘phase teams’ e.g. the KS1 phase team consists of a year 1 class, a year 1 and 2 class and a year 2 class. Teachers ensure that all the children across the three classes have equal opportunities and are taught the appropriate content for their age group. In order to do this, we plan on a rolling programme with a Year A and a Year B. These years are taught alternatively, so each child within a phase will have covered a range of subjects and topics across a two year period. Please see the rolling programmes below. These provide an overview of each subject and term, with a breakdown of the content taught to the children. Our curriculum has been cross referenced with the National Curriculum, to ensure coverage and avoid repetition.

Phase teams plan their curriculum around a half-termly or termly theme and, where possible, ensure as much of the learning is as linked as possible e.g. years 5 and 6 studied the Ancient Mayans for a term, linking their History, Geography and English lessons to this subject when appropriate. We are very lucky to have a trolley of laptops, which support the teaching of Computing and allow the children to develop their knowledge of a range of subjects. Also we have a newly refurbished library which the children can enjoy during lesson times as a whole class or at a lunchtime.

Alongside class teachers, we have a range of other adults who help to deliver the curriculum at St Philip’s. These include a qualified drama teacher, sports coaches and a specialist art teacher. We believe these subjects are just as important as core subjects, such as English of Maths. During the week children may move around between the different teachers in each phase team, in order to ensure that the teaching is targeting the specific needs of the children e.g. phonics groups in years 1 and 2 are fluid and can change on a half termly basis to include a mixture of year groups and children across the three classes. There may be times in a school week where children are provided with extra group sessions, delivered by both teachers and teaching assistants, which will target the specific needs of the children in the groups.

Please click on the links below for details of each curriculum phase.

Keystage 1 Rolling Programme 2018-19

Lower Keystage 2 Rolling Programme 2018-19

Upper Keystage 2 Rolling Programme 2018-19